Your genes are like a piano.
You cannot change the keys, but you can choose the melody.

Improve your mood

Malnourished minds lose their capacity to be happy.

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Stand up to cancer

No, food does not cure cancer. But it does help.

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Say goodbye to excess weight

Universal optimal diets do not exist. Find yours.

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Protect your brain

No, your brain does not need sugar. Quite the opposite.

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Team up with your insulin

A gentle spring rain does not have the same effect as a downpour.

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Tame your autoimmunity

'Friendly fire' also needs wood to burn. Do not provide it.

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And nurture your future

Feed your microbiota

Your microbiota is the set of microorganisms that lives within you. It accompanies you faithfully from even before you are born and remains with you for the rest of your life. In fact, there are ten times as many microbial cells in your body as there are human cells, so it is worth making sure they are on your side. …

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Hack your methylation

Wise popular sayings agree that the power of small gestures should not be underestimated, because they are what move the world. And here is the tiny gesture that moves us: the methylation cycle, the magic hidden behind the colossal power that a humble atom of carbon exerts on our health and mood.

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Pamper your mitochondria

That expensive facial cream will not give your skin the radiant, youthful look you want. Nor will that fourth coffee help you reach dinner time loaded with positive energy and good vibes. Not even will that super-food brought straight from the Amazon basin be the magic touch that makes you jump out of bed wanting to conquer the world. No. …

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Nutrients are not just fuel, but a language to communicate with your genes.

Take advantage of epigenetics

Optimize yourself

Diet, fortunately, is an epigenetic factor that you can control.


When I reduced the histamine in my diet, not only did I lose weight effortlessly, but my migraines disappeared as well.


Changing my diet and becoming aware of my insulin resistance and wheat addiction has changed my life. Now I am a better version of me.

Make sure you send them the right message.


I had suffered dozens of low fat and high protein diets only to later regain the lost weight and some more. Now I lose weight without going hungry.


When I removed gluten from my diet, I lost weight. Also my headaches, hypertension, and digestive discomfort improved.

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Whatever path you choose, start TODAY. And give yourself the best version of you.

- Ines