Have you ever wondered why your friend can eat as much as he wants and he never seems to gain a gram, whereas you put on two kilos for every half you ingest? That is simply because we all differ in our response to food. And most probably your diet does not resemble the one that your genes would gladly thrive upon.

The era of generalized nutritional guidelines is coming to an end. The unstoppable advances in nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics have already shown something that we all suspected: that a sugary cake does not have the same effect on your friend as it does on you. Here comes another application of nutritional therapy, the design of individualized dietary patterns adapted to your genome that will help pave the way to your best you.

Optimize your nutrition based on your genes

Indeed, just as we differ in our eye color, height, and complexion, so our nutritional requirements may differ based on our genes. If you are in Spain and want to check out what this fascinating science has to offer, I do offer the possibility of ordering nutrigenetic tests together with a free report to help you interpret the results. You can order it here.



Nurture your future by indulging your genes

If you already have your nutrigenetic results and want to take the opportunity to get as much information out of them as possible, here you can also order a personalized nutritional plan tailored to your genes. It includes a detailed study of your analysis, objectives and circumstances, with specific recommendations for achieving your goals, possible obstacles you may encounter along the way, strategies for overcoming them and estimated deadlines, as well as a personalized weekly menu tailored according to the requirements dictated by your analysis, with its recipes and shopping lists.

Do not give up on nurturing your future and discover what nutritional therapy can do for you. Take advantage of epigenetics following the four cornerstones of ‘biohacking’ and learn how to communicate with your genes: please them, pamper them, indulge them, and give them the tools they need. You cannot control all the messages they get, but you can make sure that the one you send encourages them to

free your best you