Appease your hormones

Just as even the most skilled puppeteer cannot get a puppet to dance ballet by pulling a single string, it is also not possible to balance all the hormones by ‘patching a single flank’. Your hormonal systems are interconnected and depend on such a number of factors, both internal and external, that it is naïve to expect them to perform their complex choreography by moving a single thread.

I would love to add that your daily choices will allow you to control all the flanks and pull all the strings, but that is not the case. You can hardly calm a prolific thyroid or spur exhausted ovaries through sleep, diet or exercise. But you can certainly optimize the harmony of their dance.

Your body has very efficient systems for self-regulation and repair. They only require time and resources. And that, fortunately, does depend on you.

Union means strength

Nourish yourself, prioritize your sleep, go out in the sun, move, feed your microbiota, pamper your mitochondria, team up with your insulin and love yourself deeply. Your hormones may never dance like Anna Pavlova, but the harmony of their dance will improve significantly. And so will you.