The only thing that differentiates a queen bee from a worker bee is nutrition.

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Online consultation

If you prefer to stay home and make the most of your time, you can book your online consultation here.

On-site consultation

If you don’t mind wearing a face mask and getting to Barcelona is not an issue, book your on-site  appointment here.

Learn how to use epigenetics to communicate with your genes. Send them a loud and clear message of health, vigor, vitality, and an unwavering smile. 

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First session (45′) – 108€

  • Online, on-site or by e-mail
  • Analysis of clinical history
  • Starting point review
  • Setting of goals
  • Personalized proposal
  • Follow-up sessions (30′) for 54€ 

30 Days Challenge – 360€

  • First (online, on-site or by e-mail) session (45′) 
  • Personalized written proposal
  • Follow-up session (30′)
  • Resolution of doubts by e-mail and WhatsApp
  • Continuous monitoring for 30 days
  • Further follow-up sessions (30′) for 54€ 
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