MyNutriGenes Nutrigenetic Test


MyNutriGenes from Heart Genetics laboratory is the “formula 1” of nutrigenetic analysis. This test analyzes your DNA and evaluates 102 genetic variants of 75 genes that influence nutrition, from the comfort of your home. Includes a free 15-minute consultation afterwards. Available for shipments within Spain.



VAT exempt item

Heart Genetics is the leading genetics and biotechnology laboratory that has launched MyNutriGenes, in our opinion, the “formula 1” of nutrigenetic analysis. This test analyzes your DNA and evaluates 102 genetic variants of 75 genes that influence nutrition (specifically, these are the genes analyzed), from the comfort of your home. We send you the kit, pick it up and send it to the laboratory. And within 10 to 15 days, we’ll have your results.

The test includes a 15′ consultation or a short written report to help you interpret the results.

The analysis provides information about your genetic vulnerabilities and strengths (based on the most recent findings in nutrigenetic science, hence “formula 1”), including your risk of gluten and lactose intolerance, insulin resistance (along with central adiposity, fatty liver and abnormal LDL cholesterol or triglyceride values associated with the metabolic syndrome that precedes type 2 diabetes), your best plan to lose weight (or regain it) and to control your appetite, your ability to deal with carbohydrates, fiber, different types of fats, proteins, salt and caffeine or your vitamin requirements, as well as the extent to which sleep, circadian rhythm regularity and exercise influence you. 

The laboratory report can be written in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or English and includes the specific genetic polymorphisms obtained from the sample. Should you prefer to have it in writing instead of meeting with me, I may attach a free report written in English or Spanish with the interpretation of the results and the recommendations derived from them.


Know your genetic particularities and get the most out of them.


How does it work?

When you complete the purchase, I will ask for your express consent to access and process your personal data (required by law). A few days after completing the paperwork, you will receive the kit by courier.

You must deposit the sample to be analyzed (an impregnated swab) in a special collection tube (which is included in the kit), along with the informed consent of the laboratory itself (also mandatory under current legislation). As soon as you confirm that it is ready, I will ask for the sample to be collected and sent to the laboratory.

And then?

The results are delivered within approximately 10 days. I will contact you to ask some additional questions to put the results in context and make the most of them in my own report.

Hopefully it will both satisfy your curiosity and help you to optimize your health!