I have always been passionate about food, but the day I discovered the massive power of nutrition and its huge influence on both physical and mental health, my innate passion became an obsession. I devoted endless hours to delve into every book and article I could find that would help me understand how and why. And the more I learned, the more my fascination grew, and the more I wanted to learn.

At the very moment I became aware that a diet adapted to my own genes and circumstances had made me become a far healthier and happier version of myself, I saw the shining road to my vocation emerge before my eyes. I set out to get the training I needed to accompany others on the path to their own healthier and happier version of themselves straight away. And to this day, my infinite motivation to learn how and why we can use epigenetics to ‘biohack’ ourselves and optimize our genes still keeps growing bigger every day.

A powerful motivation

My own medical history includes cancer, overweight, long years of disabling polymedication (which actually did not tackle a diagnosis of major depression with anxiety disorder, suicidal ideation, and agoraphobia), as well as the insulin resistance characteristic of my polycystic ovary syndrome. 

However, I have found that nutritional therapy can be extremely helpful, not only in discouraging cancer and psychiatric and metabolic disorders, but also in slowing the progression or even in allowing us to completely avoid autoimmune, cardiovascular, or neurological diseases. Moreover, it is currently the only way by which we can take action and effectively increase our chances of enjoying the longest, healthiest and happiest future possible.

Discover nutritional therapy and start nurturing the best possible version of you!


Certified Nutritionist and Dietitian (#1572, Barcelona, Spain)
Certified Psychologist (#27008, Barcelona, Spain)
Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, Oxford College
Master’s Degree in Oncology, University of the Basque Country

Postgraduate training

Expert on Health and Nutrition in Oncology, University of Barcelona
Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics, University of Barcelona

Further training

Autistic Spectrum Disorrers, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, King’s College London
Neuropsychology of Epilepsy, Università degli Studi di Padova
Parkinson’s Disease, University of Birmingham
Nutrition and Dementia, University of Salamanca
Food and Mood, Deakin University
Master in Veterinary Dietetics and Nutrition, Postgraduate School of Veterinary Medicine.
Currently studying the Master in Animal Assisted Therapy, Universitat de València.

Our destiny is not written in the stars... it's in our hands!