If you want to give nutritional therapy a chance, but you think you could use some personalized advice that allows you to transfer your doubts and concerns face-to-face, on-site consultation may be the perfect solution.

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On-site consultation

If you don’t mind wearing a face mask and getting to Barcelona is not an issue, book your on-site  appointment in the calendar below!
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Where is it located?

How do I book an appointment?


You can choose the day and time frame that best fits your schedule in the calendar below. If you do not find an available slot that you can combine with your life, drop me an e-mail and we will try to find a solution. 

To block your appointment in my agenda, you will access a payment platform where you will be asked for a credit card to pay for the consultation in advance. The consultation of 45 minutes may be booked for 108€ + VAT.

What happens next?

When you confirm the appointment, I will send you the compulsory express consent document for the treatment of your personal data. In accordance with current legislation, I need you to accept it before we get to work. I will also send you a welcome form for you to fill with your main concerns and motivations. If I know beforehand what your goals and circumstances are, I will be able to prepare our appointment in advance and ensure that we make the most of our consultation time.

What if I cannot come?

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please let me know as far in advance as possible. If there is less than 24 hours left for our appointment, the amount paid will not be refunded, precisely because of the preparation time prior to the consultation that I will have devoted to studying your case (see more details in the Terms of Use). But I will certainly offer you the possibility of changing the day of the consultation or of sending you a voucher for the amount paid to acquire other options of advice.

First session (45′) – 108€

  • Online, on-site or by e-mail
  • Analysis of clinical history
  • Starting point review
  • Setting of goals
  • Personalized proposal
  • Follow-up sessions (30′) for 54€ 

30 Days Challenge – 360€

  • First (online, on-site or by e-mail) session (45′) 
  • Personalized written proposal
  • Follow-up session (30′)
  • Resolution of doubts by e-mail and WhatsApp
  • Continuous monitoring for 30 days
  • Further follow-up sessions (30′) for 54€ 

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