Stand up to cancer

Few sounds cause more dread in those who are waiting for a diagnosis than that of the word cancer. Fortunately, however, it does not entail a condemnation at all anymore. Step by step, biomedical research is paving the yellow brick road that will soon lead us to the ultimate victory over cancer.

Until that joyful moment, just as you wouldn’t venture to explore a desert without a water bottle, there are certain provisions you should put in your backpack when you set out on that road. Be sure to include the serene and robust conviction that you will be victorious… and to feed it with an optimized nutrition.

It is estimated that 95% of tumors rely heavily on high levels of blood glucose and insulin to grow. So low glycaemic index diets can help tip the balance towards success and effectively complement oncological therapies.

Food does not cure cancer. But it does help.

And when one must embark on the yellow brick road, every help is welcome.

If you happen to be on your road already, be sure to hold on to anything that may become helpful along the way. Follow faithfully the oncological therapy that you have been prescribed, try your best to mitigate your anxiety, never ever doubt you will be soon celebrating your victory, and make sure you nurture yourself to starve cancer.

Each road has its own shortcuts and slopes, but hopefully mine will help you with yours.