Pamper your mitochondria

That expensive facial cream will not give your skin the radiant, youthful look you want. Nor will that fourth coffee help you reach dinner time loaded with positive energy and good vibes. Not even will that super-food brought straight from the Amazon basin be the magic touch that makes you jump out of bed wanting to conquer the world. No.

An optimal mitochondrial performance will.

Imagine you are driving your beloved car when the engine starts to fail. You press the pedal to the metal, but the poor thing seems to be struggling and short of breath. You stoically acknowledge that something is wrong and decide to take action. Your strategy to fix the engine would not be to clean and wax the car. No. We all know that a shimmering glow does not entail a smooth performance.

Mitochondria are the engines of the cells. They are responsible for your energy, and ultimately, health. And if they do not get the resources they need to function in optimum conditions, you will end up noticing it sooner or later.

And mitochondria need you to sleep at night, a deep, restful sleep. They need you to bathe in natural light during the day. They need you to breathe the cleanest possible air as often as you can afford. They need you to move, every day. They need you to manage stress. And they need to be nourished. In short, they need you to love yourself.

There is no magic pill you can take to optimize your mitochondrial health and offset a deficit in any of those needs but, fortunately,

 everything that nurtures them, nurtures you.

Mitochondrial health will be one of the pillars of future medicine. Take advantage of what we already know about them today, for their own benefit… and yours.