Query by E-mail


Acquire the query by e-mail to receive a specific answer to a certain concern regarding nutritional therapy.

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If you have a very specific question that would take just 10 minutes out of a 40 minute appointment or little time to read long personalized plans, this is your ideal advice option.

Who knows if a mere e-mail consultation will help emerge in you your best you.

How does it work?

When you complete the process of purchasing the query by e-mail, I will ask you to give me your express consent for the access and processing of your personal data (required under current legislation). I will then send you an e-mail (with acknowledgement of receipt to ensure that it does not get lost in cyberspace) for you to answer with your question.

Depending on the query and if I deem it necessary to give an adequate answer, I will ask you to give me more information.

My maximum estimated time to reply to e-mail queries is 2 days. When my availability does not allow me to ensure an appropriate response within that time, the product will appear as sold out and the page will display a form you can fill in to ask me to let you know when they become available again.

Thank you for getting here!