Personalized Nutritional Plan


Personalized nutrition plan with specific recommendations according to your circumstances and goals, possible obstacles, strategies, estimated deadlines and a weekly menu with its recipes and shopping list.

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If the personalized weekly menu does not meet your requirements, the personalized nutritional plan may be your perfect option of advice. It includes a detailed study of your particular case with specific recommendations, a proposed strategy for the objectives to be achieved, the estimated timeframes and the possible obstacles you may encounter along the way, as well as a personalized weekly menu with recipes and shopping lists.

Free your best you

I hope your personalized nutrition plan will encourage you to give nutritional therapy a try. Your best you is inside of you, maybe needing just a little help to get out.

How does it work?

When you complete the plan purchase process I will ask you to give me your express consent for the access and processing of your personal data (required under current legislation). Afterwards, I will send you a form so that you can inform me about your current situation and your expectations (apart from asking you practical information about health, habits and food preferences). When you complete it for me, I will get to work.

My estimated deadline for submitting the plan is 10 days. Once it is ready, I will send it to you as an electronic document, with acknowledgement of receipt to make sure it does not get lost in cyberspace.

When my availability does not allow me to ensure the delivery of the plans within 10 days, the product will appear as sold out and the page will show a form you can fill in to ask me to let you know when they become available again.

Thank you for getting here!

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