Nutritional Plan adapted to your Genes


Includes our first consultation session (either online, on-site or by e-mail) and a personalized nutritional plan tailored to your nutrigenetic results with a weekly menu.

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If you already have the results of your nutrigenetic analysis, here you can order your personalized nutritional plan adapted to your genes.

This is an additional service designed to take full advantage of its results a posteriori. 

It does include a first consultation (either online, on-site or by e-mail) and a detailed study of your analysis, objectives and circumstances, with specific recommendations for achieving your goals, possible obstacles you may encounter along the way, strategies for overcoming them and estimated deadlines, as well as a personalized weekly menu tailored according to the requirements dictated by your nutrigenetic analyses with its recipes and shopping list.

What does it include?

First session (online, on-site or by e-mail)
Analysis of clinical history
Starting point review and setting of goals
Personalized written proposal tailored to your nutrigenetic results with a weekly menu
Access to follow-up sessions for 54€ 

And what should you expect?


When you complete the purchase, I will ask you to grant me your express consent for the processing of your personal data (required under current legislation) as well as access to your nutrigenetic test results. 

And we’ll get to work!

Hopefully this nutritional plan adapted to your genes will become the ‘user’s guide’ that allows you to communicate with them and ask them to work ‘for’ and not ‘against’ your future self. 

Give them the time, the resources and the tools they need and they will nurture the best possible version of you.

My estimated deadline for submitting the plan after we have met is 15 days

When my availability does not allow me to ensure the delivery of the plans within 15 days, the product will appear as sold out and the page will show a form you can fill in to ask me to let you know when they become available again.

Do you have any additional questions?

Oops, I'm sorry! Looks like my availability is very limited right now.

Should I drop you an e-mail when I’m available again?

Compulsory under current legislation on the Protection of Personal Data (see more details in my Privacy Policy and Legal notice )

Thank you for getting here!