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Count on me to help you find your optimal diet.

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There is nothing like self-experimentation to find our optimal diet. If you don’t know where to start and want a to rely on a guide in the process, this is your ideal option for advice and my most successful product.

Can’t wait to start seeing you free your best you.

How does it work?

When you complete the process of purchasing the product, I will ask you to give me your express consent for the access and processing of your personal data (required under current legislation). You will then receive a first standard form in which I ask you basic information, such as your medical history and your current weight.

Once I have a first idea of your situation, I will ask you for more information (and probably even a little more). And then I will propose an experimentation plan to find your optimal diet.

My maximum estimated time to send the proposal is 3 days. When my availability does not allow me to ensure an appropriate response within that time, the product will appear as sold out and the page will display a form you can fill in to ask me to let you know when they become available again.

Thank you for getting here!