Welcome your future you

You are determined to give yourself the longest, healthiest and happiest tomorrow possible. Congratulations! You have already overcome the first obstacle on the path that leeds to your best you. Now, your first task will be to stick to the four cornerstones of ‘biohacking’, the tasks with which any successful nutritional therapy must irremissibly begin.

The first step (regardless of what condition or concern may have brought you here) will inevitably be to replace processed ‘edible things’ with truly fresh and perishable food. Know in advance that, without exception, I am going to ask you to start cooking from scratch. The genes that drive the hormonal gears that keep us young, healthy and happy need access to a range of nutrients to function properly. And you will not get them from a hot dog made of barely edible porexpan nor from a whole-grain cereal bar ‘enriched’ with synthetic vitamins.

Likewise, coping with a permanent state of stress prevents your self-healing systems from turning (and staying) on. Allocating resources to keeping your body young or to controlling a potential cancer when you are being chased by a saber-toothed tiger would have no evolutionary sense!

Moreover, it is precisely when you surrender to a placid and deep sleep that your body self-repairs. Nonetheless, you must allow the hormonal gears to perform their dance (forcing unconsciousness with sleeping pills is not ‘sleeping’). So I will also ask you to actively manage stress and to make restful sleep a top priority.



Finally, I will need you to reduce the toxic load of those substances which, unfortunately, we cannot avoid, by becoming aware of and bypassing those which can. If your system is busy getting rid of harmful molecules (such as the thousand and one components of that cigarette with which you accompany your coffee or the famous bisphenol-a in plastic containers), it will not be able to devote itself to your daily maintenance.

In summary, these are the four tasks I will irremissibly entrust to you:

  • cook and eat real food,
  • manage stress,
  • prioritize sleep, and
  • minimize your exposure to avoidable toxics.

Our bodies WANT to be healthy and build a healthy future. They just need you to provide the tools and resources.

Do not be discouraged by these requests, nor by possible relapses. You will only need a little bit of perseverance and dedication. It is essential that you devote to your future the effort and time it requires, but I assure you that it is time and effort well spent.

Not only will you add more years to your life, but more life to your years!