You do want to give nutritional therapy a chance, but your motivations or timetables do not match those of my consultation? Here you will find different options to request advice according to your interests or needs.

If you have a very specific question and little time to read long personalized plans, you can opt for the query by e-mail.

But if you want me to dig a little deeper into your particular case, you may rather order personalized weekly menus or thorough  nutritional plans (with the added possibility of adapting them to your nutrigenetic test). Please note that I will most probably ask you quite a few questions anyway so I can provide the best recommendation available. I would not dare to take anything for granted when health and wellbeing are involved.

Hopefully one of these advice options will encourage you to give nutritional therapy a try. Once you fire the starting signal and regardless of your current situation, get to work without delay. Follow the four cornerstones of ‘biohacking’ and learn the language of your genes. Urge them to work ‘for’ and not ‘against’ your future you. Persevere in your message and they will strain to

nurture your best you